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We specialize in Mandarin, Szechwan, and Hunan Cuisine. We have hot tea and egg rolls ready. Come and get our Chinese food classics for carry out or dine in with our friendly staff and service. Our dining room is always open for our customers to enjoy our fresh and hot dishes.

Our menu features many Authentic Chinese cuisine including our amazing noodles. We love doing our part to feed the local community. Try us out today, you will not be disappointed! All new first time carry out orders through our website qualify for a 10% discount and $5 off for every $100 spent. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Niq B.

For a little place out of the way, it was amazing. Came early for lunch around 11:30. The staff was friendly and sat us down immediately. A lunch deal came with rice soup, and egg roll for like 9 bucks after tax, the food arrived fast, and I got enough for lunch tomorrow too.

Samantha Shields

My favorite Chinese restaurant! Hands down they have the best hot and sour soup, crab cheese, egg rolls, chicken fried rice and Hunan Beef of anywhere I've ever been. If you haven't been here you should definitely give it a try, you will not be disappointed!

Christian Helser

I always been happy going to this location since it's the closest to my home. It seems like the food is made to order and the prices seem to be quite reasonable. I typically order the Mongolian chicken and shrimp fried rice which are always quite tasty.

Kat Foster

A lovely restaurant with a wide array of Chinese food and a little bit of Thai style dishes. I personally prefer the Chinese food as the Thai isn't very authentic to me. The Chinese food isn't authentic either but it's what I expect, as an American, from Chinese food.

John Lawrence

All-around standard American Chinese food eats, but they do a good job with them. Especially good tasting sauces for various dishes. VERY prompt and courteous service, even when busy. If you have an urge for Chinese, you can't really go wrong with this place.

Wendy Smith

Hunans is my Chinese restaurant of choice. I have been going there for years and they have always done right by me. The staff has always been friendly and quick to make sure I have everything I need. Hunans is conveniently close to home.